Clients come to The 2050 Group precisely because of our unique command of the national policy and social issues, and our ability to communicate information with an awareness of the news cycle.

The 2050 Group manages communications strategies – including profile-building and issue campaigns – for foundations and non-profits [click here to read more], corporate and political clients – on a wide range of issues including:

  • Entertainment, Film, Literary
  • Economics, Financial Services and Investments
  • Workers, Jobs, Economic Development
  • Telecommunications
  • Science, Technology, Energy and Environment
  • Defense, Homeland Security and Global Security
  • Health and Medicine, Pharmaceutical
  • Social Policy, Social Impact
  • Non-Profits, Foundations and Philanthropy
  • Civil Rights, Human Rights, Ethnic, Minority/Demographic Changes, Immigration
  • Education, Academia/Universities, Educational Products
  • Corporate, Small Business