The 2050 Group’s clients and friends have a lot to say about our work:


Making and releasing a film is defined by a series of partnerships. Looking back on The True Cost, the choice to partner with Adam Segal and his team at The 2050 Group is one of the best decisions we made. From day one they understood exactly what the film was and created a strong strategy that maximized the reach while maintaining the clarity of the message across multiple mediums. The dedication to absolute excellence in all parts of their work is striking. The results they generated for this film speak for themselves, but more than that they became a truly trusted extension of our team enabling us to do what we could have never done without them. I have a deep sense of gratitude for what they brought to this project and look forward to working with them for years to come!

Andrew Morgan
The True Cost

The 2050 Group devised an effective theatrical publicity campaign for Seeds of Time that led to extensive press coverage that reached millions of people. This transformed our film from one that was struggling for visibility to one with significant national visibility and great potential for future stages in the life of the film. The agency’s committed team built a media plan that was both highly targeted and broad enough to generate attention in a wide range of media outlets. And then they implemented it with a sustained press outreach effort, worked closely with our team and distributor, and provided detailed reports and real-time press clips that allowed us to track their progress. The 2050 Group generated valuable features, interviews and reviews. The agency secured national interviews with Ira Flatow on NPR’s Science Friday and Al Roker on The Weather Channel’s Wake Up With Al, and coverage by food magazines including Cooking Light and Food & Wine, and great attention by the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal, among dozens of other national and regional press hits. When we opened in Los Angeles, for example, we had interviews and reviews on at least four radio shows in the market. I trusted the agency with my first documentary feature and was in good hands and received results that exceeded my expectations.

Sandy McLeod
Seeds of Time
and Academy Award-nominee

Adam J. Segal secured local television, radio, print and online media attention for the Trouble the Water opening in the Washington DC market. The DC opening had notably high turnout and ticket sales, two important factors that contributed to our ability to quickly expand the reach of the film nationwide. Adam rapidly helped grow the film’s Facebook page and online community from a handful of supporters to nearly 2,000, among them influential journalists and political strategists. Adam provided valuable counsel on our goal to bring attention on the political and policy messages of the film.

Tia Lessin
Trouble the Water, Academy Award® Nominee for Best Documentary Feature

Adam Segal is a buzz creator, a brilliant strategist and a wonderful person to work with. He was able to accomplish everything that we dreamed up.

Liz Canner
Orgasm Inc. and other award-winning films

We have been overwhelmed by the value of Adam Segal (The 2050 Group) and PR well done. It has provided information, excitement and momentum leading up to our screenings in a targeted venue. As a result, we have played to standing room only crowds, and the film has benefitted from the buzz that the PR generated.

As a film created to build awareness and push action on a particular environmental issue, the PR work in Washington DC was particularly critical to getting the attention of political players, NGO’s and the science community. Just as importantly it was effective in getting the news of this ocean acidification film out to main stream television viewers and newspapers readers, many of whom came to our premiere.

Barbara Ettinger
A Sea Change

As the film ‘Made in India’ about the human stories behind the phenomenon of outsourcing surrogate mothers to India, prepared for it’s World Premiere at Hot Docs Film Festival 2010, getting the right exposure to raise awareness about the film’s issues and to have a deep social impact during the festival became important aspects of our premiere.

In The 2050 Group’s capacity as PR consultant for Chicken & Egg Pictures, Adam Segal was that perfect fit for our team. Adam immersed himself in understanding the film’s issues around globalization, reproductive rights, personal choice and worked with us on highlighting them through his expertise. At Hot Docs 2010, ‘Made in India’ had three sold out screenings as one of the ‘festival favorites’ and was brought to the masses by Toronto Star (within a major feature article about international surrogacy), CBC News, Toronto Sun, Real Screen Magazine, two major Asian Canadian television shows that reach out to Toronto’s vast Asian community, and many others.

Vaishali Sinha & Rebecca Haimowitz
Co Directors/Producers
Made in India


I have known and worked with Adam Segal for many years on Hispanic issues. He is a reliable, direct and trustworthy source. His expertise and professionalism are invaluable to understand the new demographic changes in this country.

Jorge Ramos
Anchor, Noticiero Univision
Veteran journalist and national best-selling author


The 2050 Group and Adam Segal are consistently able to get extensive media for our products and company. However what makes The 2050 Group so unique and valuable to us is their ability get strategically placed media that make our products measurably more successful and our clients demonstrably more happy. No media company is better at applying strategic thinking and action to our specific needs.

Jed Alpert
Mobile Commons

The 2050 Group and Adam Segal have proven their abilities as a leader in media relations and with a diversity of knowledge, which is hard to find. In today’s ever shifting business markets, having the right connections and knowing the right people to speak to is of utmost importance to any growing business.

Zack Mond
Comfort1st.com and Z&M Enterprises


Adam J. Segal understands the media better than anyone I have ever met. He has been my most important adviser and the best friend the nation’s Black farmers could ever have. In the world of media relations he is a brain surgeon. He can perform life saving surgery on issues the national media has forgotten about and bring them back to national prominence.

John W. Boyd, Jr.
Founder and President
National Black Farmers Association
• ABC World News Tonight’s “Person of the Week”
• Ebony Mag’s 100 Most Influential Black Americans

Adam Segal’s efforts to raise the profile of foundations and non-profits are invigorating and innovative. Not only does he provide exceptional strategic communications advice and practical media placement services, but his work is also informed by his special commitment to and understanding of the not-for-profit sector.

Working for the Squire Family Foundation, Adam placed a feature story in Education Week that succinctly and accurately encapsulated our vision and programs; as a result, our efforts to advance philosophy instruction at the pre-college level are having an impact on students, teachers and administrators across the country. Adam also helped us develop a comprehensive communications strategy, wrote and edited press materials, and established relationships with journalists on our behalf. I highly recommend his services for other national foundations and non-profits.

Roberta Israeloff
Squire Family Foundation

On behalf of everyone at the Center for Summer Learning, I would like to thank you again for everything you did to make yesterday’s briefing with Senator Barack Obama such an overwhelming success…What you did in the timeframe you had was simply amazing!

Ron Fairchild
Executive Director
Center for Summer Learning
Johns Hopkins University

Adam has helped us be more effective in responding to breaking news. When something happens, he rolls into action. He knows just whom to contact, and is ready to go the extra mile. Equally important, his media savvy and creativity have allowed us get our message out when there is no breaking news.

Lisbeth Gronlund
Co-Director, Global Security Program
Union of Concerned Scientists

Adam Segal skillfully developed relationships with journalists on behalf of the Coalition to Keep America Connected, changing the tone of national media coverage. He helped distill the goals of four major associations and hundreds of telecommunications companies into a message that earned much-needed media coverage. He built solid rapport with the nation’s top telecommunications reporters including those at major national newspapers and leading trade publications. Among the highlights, Adam secured the coveted Associated Press Impact story, bringing our issue to the front pages of newspapers and news websites all around the country. His work continues to pay dividends for our issues and our organization.

Wendy Mann
Director, Communications
National Telecommunications
Cooperative Association (NTCA)


The 2050 Group has served as a remarkable power broker for FaithfulDemocrats.com and has far exceeded my expectations. From its strategic advice on initial messaging, long-term branding, and navigating party politics, to its advice on Internet strategies and design, a large part of our success is due to the agency’s work.

But The 2050 Group’s most impressive and important work has been its media relations campaign which has achieved more than one hundred million media impressions and has driven traffic – hundreds of thousands of hits – to FaithfulDemocrats.com.

From an exclusive launch-day article in USA Today, coverage on ABC World News Tonight, to CNN, FOX News Channel, and National Public Radio, the media attention The 2050 Group is responsible for is highly valuable and has given us a prominent national profile and voice.

Jesse Lava
Co-Founder and Former Executive Director